What is Twinning?

“A twinning is the coming together of two similar communities in two different countries with the aim of facing their problems and developing closer and closer ties of friendship between themselves” explained the founders of CEMR after the 2nd world war. 

A good twinning partnership can bring many benefits to a community and the municipality. It can enable young people to get involved with their counterparts from a different country. There are many examples of good practice in twinning, covering a wide range of issues – art and culture, young people, citizenship, sustainable development, local public services, local economic development, social inclusion, solidarity, etc.

It should always be able to survive changes in political leadership and short-term difficulties of one or other partner, and support each other in times of need, e.g. a major flood.  Equally important is the dual commitment required for twinnings to be successful: that of the local authorities, but also that of the citizens. This dual nature often requires the setting up of a twinning committee bringing together local officials and citizens.

Twinning Associations are set up to promote cultural and commercial ties.

Trowbridge, with a population of 40,000 has been twinned with Leer in Germany since 1989. It is also twinned with three other towns from three other countries.

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